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Schroder Real Estate


The Beaux-Arts façade of Wickham’s department store on Mile End Road was missing a tooth for almost a century: a jeweller named Spiegelhalter refused to move when the store was planned, so it was built around his shop.

Behind the façade we have returned the building to its former grandeur, the upper levels unified into large, flexible workspaces, a blank canvas onto which new tenants can project their own identities. At ground level, existing retail tenants have kept their units below rationalised awnings and fascias.

Our remodelling turned the holdout unit into the heart and soul of the building rather than the thorn in its side. The Spiegelhalter void has become the main entrance, effectively a piece of the public realm where the threshold between outside and in is blurred.

The domed glass skylights on the second floor would have been a wonder for shoppers at the original Wickham’s department store. We repaired and restored them to their former glory, exposing the steel structure to create a spectacular lightweight pavilion at the top of the building.

"The complex year-long refurbishment presented many opportunities to restore this historic building and transform it into a modern and truly individual workspace that delivers the type of space that occupiers are looking for."
Jourdan Rajwan, Investment Manager, Schroder Real Estate

RIBA Awards, Shortlisted, 2022
Future Cities Forum Awards, Shortlisted, 2021
AJ Retrofit Awards,
Shortlisted, 2021
NLA Awards,
Shortlisted, 2020
FX International Design Awards
Shortlisted, 2019
Blueprint Awards Shortlisted, 2019
AJ Architecture Awards Shortlisted, 2019
AJ Retrofit Awards Shortlisted, 2019
RIBA Awards Shortlisted, 2019

Photography: Lewis Khan, Matt Chisnall