We brought a 1980s office building back to life with playful interventions that bring colour and joy to the interior spaces, and a new vibrant reception space at its heart. A retro pop aesthetic replaces the corporate look and feel of the building as physical and metaphorical barriers are broken down to bring about a more convivial and lively set of workspaces in Clerkenwell.

A free-flowing reception is noticeable by its lack of traditional desk and a series of unique seating elements, including a white-tiled plinth with koi carp swimming through its centre, and a sculptural leather bench wrapping a Ficus tree. Visitors are greeted by a host who will emerge from behind a one-way-view curtain, promoting a relaxed and informal atmosphere. A single yellow steel girder is positioned in the middle of the room to reveal the structure of the building and transform it into a striking decorative element.

Visible through the glazed wall in reception, a dramatic grand timber staircase leads from the ground floor office space down to the garden level floor. The stair incorporates a larger Ficus tree growing from its centre and a series of extra-large steps that can be used either as a place to sit and relax or as an auditorium. The aim was to create a series of multi-use spaces that the occupants could adapt to their needs.

On the second floor, we created a fully fitted-out office that further demonstrates how colour and materials can be used to suggest zones of activity, such as a green kitchen sitting within the open-plan setting and a breakout meeting room that is delicately enclosed by a yellow translucent curtain. Small meeting rooms are lined with felt to improve acoustics and create an intimate atmosphere inside.

"It's amazing to see this building transformed, offering space, light, amenities and service. We look forward to welcoming occupiers into their new workspaces that promise to be bold, flexible and with a focus on health and wellbeing.”
Andrew Giblin, Director, Dorrington plc (Client)

FX Awards Winner (Best Large Workplace), 2022
BD Architect of the Year Awards Winner (Best Interior Architect category), 2021
Photography: Jack Hobhouse

Mixology Awards, Shortlisted, 2021